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An Unexpected Cyclist - My Cycling Story

Rachel Williams

From a non cyclist to a slightly addicted roadie. Rachel's journey from complete novice to British Cycling Coach, Breeze Champion, confident road rider and soon to be Sportive rider with lots of new friends a little weight loss along the way. 

The Best Things in Life are Free

Pauline Cornthwaite

Cycling can offer so much more for those who really want it. You will return home refreshed, in a better mood and with new resolve to stay positive in these restrictive times. – Why it is easier than ever to support your local bike shop

Continue to support small business on the high street through the COVID-19 crisis without having to leave the house with

Our Playing Out Story - By Holly


"To some degree sessions run themselves, with families bringing out toys, chalk, chairs and snacks while the kids play freely."

Reasons your body will love cycling


Four physical health benefits of cycling that will make you dust off your bike and download one of our free cycle routes. It is widely understood that cycling is good for our physical health, but we’re asking how exactly?

Our Playing Out Story - By Emma


"As the road closure signs went out, the children screamed with utter delight. Within minutes kids were bringing bikes out, water guns were squirting... the whole street was alive!"

Our Top 5 Cycling Holidays for Couples


Cycling through luscious landscapes with your loved one can create special memories unique to any other activity. No where will you find the opportunity for a joint adventure that can be tailored to your tastes in an abundance of stunning locations than on a bike. Whether you are both keen cyclists, or simply want to dive into something new, the joys and freedom of cycling will certainly offer an experience of a lifetime.

Car Rental Tips for Summer Trips


Planning a family staycation this year? Or perhaps you fancy venturing further afield for your next cycling adventure? We’ve teamed up with Thrifty UK to offer some top tips and gather some magnificent locations for cyclists of all abilities to visit this summer. Get the lowdown below!

Why we’re supporting this year’s Clean Air Day


This year British Cycling is proud to be supporting Global Action Plan’s Clean Air Day, which takes place on Thursday 20 June.

Managing a healthy cycling habit


Chris, a 35-year-old analyst living in Meriden in the West Midlands, has struggled with mental health issues for most of his life - admitting that he was “in denial for a long time”. He didn’t seek help until his early twenties after a break up, but even then, early diagnoses of obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety – which developed into an eating disorder – missed the mark. To him, a more recent diagnosis of autism “makes more sense”.