Reasons your body will love cycling


Cycling is low impact

Are rickety knees or a long-term injury stopping you from getting active? Unlike other sports, cycling does not require you to bear your own weight. This means the chance of picking up an injury is low, as your joints are not under repetitive stress.

There are many ways to cycle. Ride using your arms or legs, with two wheels or three, or even with two saddles and share the workload with a friend. Take a look at our top three accessible routes below, you may even be able to borrow the bike!

  1.  Osterley and Syon Parks Circular, London
  2. The Wimpole Ride, Hertfordshire 
  3. Pollok Park Pedal, Glasgow 

Boosts Immune System 

Changes in season can often cause us to feel under the weather. Aerobic exercise hugely benefits the health of the respiratory system, consequently reducing the probability of catching a common cold. Research suggests exercise causes a change in antibodies (a protein that targets toxins) and white blood cells; the cells that fight disease. These antibodies and white blood cells are believed to circulate more rapidly through exercise, potentially detecting illnesses earlier than they may have before.

Going for a regular peddle at a moderate intensity is best, these flat routes are ideal:

  1. Heaton Park, Manchester 
  2. Peace to Peaceful Ride, Southampton
  3. Cannon Hill Park Explorer, Birmingham 

Promotes weight loss 

Cycling is a great way to lose weight. Did you know, depending on your weight and the intensity of a ride, cycling ploughs through between 400 and 1,000 calories in an hour? For example, just three laps of Hyde Park on a Sunday morning could equate to 1,100 calories, result! 

We have put together a selection of safe cycling routes that vary from 20 minutes to two hours to complete: 

  1. Hyde Park Fantasy Loop, London
  2. Armley Mills Industrial Museum to Rodley Nature Reserve and Kirstall Abbey, Leeds
  3. Two Paths to Tranquillity, Bristol

Reduces risk of heart problems

Cycling gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping faster. Like any muscle, the heart is strengthened through a good workout, and a strong heart can efficiently pump blood around the body, reducing the risk of heart problems.

Studies have found that people who rode regularly had near to 15% fewer heart attacks than non-cyclists. Even as little as half an hour in the saddle per week was linked to lower rates of heart disease.

We've chosen the best routes perfect for getting your heart pumping:

  1. City Farm Frolics, Newcastle
  2. The Eaton Elephant Ride, Norwich
  3. Rolling by the River, York