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Create a new group on Let's Ride

Inspire more people to ride by creating a group

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Creating a group

Why create a group?

  • Groups create a sense of community with local riders
  • It's an easy way to organise rides and get people out on their bikes
  • You can link your rides to your group, creating a great way to grow the number of riders
  • Group rides can be open to everyone, or only available to your group
  • British Cycling will promote your rides AND your group - a double whammy!

Who can create a group?

Anyone looking to organise rides in either the Community Group programme, or volunteers in the Breeze or Guided Ride programme.

The benefits of creating a group

  • Organise rides and notify the group when you've organised one
  • Use our group chat to talk to people, rather than sharing your phone or email
  • Share photos with everyone in the group
  • Some riders want to join a group and be part of a community - you'll be helping them enjoy the benefits of cycling

Community Group
Guided Rides

Create a great group description

Its really important that you put a little effort into your group description and sell what your group is about. Conversely a poor group description doesn't inspire anyone, and  could actually deter people from joining. Fear not, we've some tips on what to include so that more people will join your group and get out riding with you. Keep it short and sweet with one or two sentences for each bullet.

Before you click on the create a group button why not take a couple of minutes to draft the group description?

  • What type of rider is your group for? - This could be beginners, families, club riders, experienced cyclists etc.
  • Does you group have a goal/purpose – To have fun, make friends, get fit, build confidence, to explore the local area or even to investigate the offerings of each and every café in your local authority.
  • Where to you normally cycle? - Country lanes, city routes, cycle paths, canals and waterways, parks or even hills. Do people need to be confident on the roads?

  • How fast will your group rides be? – As fast as Sarah Storey or just faster than a walk with plenty of opportunity to stop.
  • When will your rides take place? – Evenings, early mornings, day time, weekends. Time is often a barrier to participate for so many!