Sunday 13th June 2021 10:00am

Starting from - The start point is off London Road ( the A6 ) turn into esplanade and follow the River Ribble as far as you can , you will then come to playing fields (Frenchwood Recreation area ) follow the road to the end , you will see the car park . Please note there is a height restriction so if you have roof mounted racks or high level rear racks be careful on entry , you can park just outside on the road if you cannot fit under . Note the postcode is not exact and may not take you to the car park , so allow extra time to find it . PR1 4LX

This The F C's - Friendly Cyclists ride is open for anyone to join

  • 65.5 miles
  • Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 6 hr
  • Challenging
  • Preston
  • Adults 16+ only

Starting point


I'm Still Thinking Of My Valentine
You - Yes you! :)

There are new rules & guidelines for you to read & follow below.

Covid-19 Ride Rules

1: Do not attend if you are suffering from any Covid - 19 symptoms

2: Maximum of 15 people on any ride including Ride Leaders. Rule of 6 to be followed before and after the ride and also at any stops.

3: Riding 1M apart with mitigation is now recommended. Mitigation is riding outdoors & not being face to face. This means we can now ride in pairs when appropriate.

4: Participants to be 2M apart when face to face, ie at cafe stops, start & finish, maintenance & any other non-riding face to face encounters.

5: Participants should have hand sanitiser with them & take tissues on the ride.

6: Masks are not recommended

8: Try to avoid sharing equipment.

9: If First Aid is required, Leaders should use gloves, glasses, a face mask & a body covering such as a disposable apron or a waterproof jacket that is cleaned or disposed of afterwards.

10: If CPR is required mouth to mouth should not be given unless it is to a child.

Ride Leaders can't police some of this during a ride - It is up to the participants to read, listen to, respect & follow the rules. If they choose not to they will be asked to leave the ride.

…..and, by special request, we're going over Beacon Fell.....everyone say thanks!!

Leaving from Frenchwood car park - If you've not been before please check you know where it is & stay out of the car park if your bike is on the roof or you're in a large vehicle as there is a height barrier on the entrance.

We'll ride on the Guild Wheel by the Ribble & up to Scorton for lunch at Daisy Clough and we'll really enjoy it as we've done the hills at Beacon Fell. We'll then return South through the picturesque villages using National Cycle Routes where possible.

It's mainly flat with a few small inclines - nothing to worry about - this is as flat as it gets......after Beacon Fell, which isn't flat!!

Please be ready to ride by 9.45

We'll ride at a steady pace of 12 - 14 mph on this ride and we'll keep our pace at a level so that we can all stay together & have a really pleasant ride. This is a flat ride with a big bump suitable for road bikes & hybrids with road tyres. If you are unsure of your bikes suitability, please get in touch before the ride.

Please check your bike over the night before the ride, tyres inflated, all bolts tight, lubricated. Clothing, Helmet & lights checked & ready. Please ensure you have all the parts for your bike - pump, spare tube, multi tool. Your bike is your responsibility! Phone, money too. You are your responsibility!
Please aim to be ready to ride 15 mins before the ride start time, getting away on time is good for everyone. It would be great to have some new & some familiar faces on this ride, you're all welcome & I look forward to riding with you.
I'm a British Cycling Ride Leader leading guided rides & I'm also a trained route planner - I enjoy my cycling & appreciate it even more when I have people to ride with. Our group is called the FC's - Friendly Cyclists, where all the Ride Leaders are trained & certified. You can read all about us & join the group here: Let us know a bit about yourself & what rides you like to do.

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