Sunday 21st April 2019 10:00am

Starting from - Starting at Kidmore Lane Car Park (free) Denmead, free toilets.

PO7 6JZ, PO7 6YS

  • 25.7 miles
  • All bike types
  • 3 hr 20 mins

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This is an extremely challenging ride and is not suitable for beginners or casual cyclists. It is aimed at those who want/need to practice challenging hills and routes. We will average 10-12 mph. It is a beautiful route with picturesque views of the countryside through and around the Meon Valley and The Solent.

There are 2 long and very challenging hills on this ride. Meeting at Kidmore Lane we ride to Clanfield and climb Butser Hill the route then travels down through East Meon, West Meon and than back through the beautiful Meon Valley and then a very challenging ride up to the top of Chidden Down (near Old Winchester Hill). Spectacular views from the top and then back through Soberton. It is a good ride to start building up and practicing your hill climbing stamina.

There will be a stop at West Meon before the second hill climb. Bring plenty of water and snacks in case you run out of steam.

You will not be left on your own at the back, there will always be someone with you and you go up the hills any way you can, even if you need to walk. The views are worth the effort and it's always easier on the way down!

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