Sunday 16th April 2023 8:00am

Starting from - Harrow Recreation Grounds (Cunningham Park Entrance) - Next to Bike Racks and Outdoor Machines.

We will leave promptly at 8:00 am, so please aim to arrive 10 minutes before the ride. HA1 4QW

This ride is limited to members of Harrow Cycling Club group only

  • 34 miles
  • Road
  • 4 hr
  • Challenging
  • Harrow
  • Adults 16+ only

Led by experienced ride leaders, these rides are a great way to explore new places and to meet new people who enjoy cycling. They are suitable for all levels of experience, so whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, you can find a ride that is right for you.

Starting point


Please note this route to and from Richmond is NOT like the route on our Gentle Richmond ride.

We will use main roads out to Richmond Park via Greenford, do a full loop of the park and return on main roads via Perivale. The last main climb of the ride will be Horsenden Hill (using the cycling path). The roads should be quiet going out but they will be busier on our return. This ride is only suitable for cyclists who are confident riding on main roads at a pace of 10-13mph.

We will climb Roxeth Hill (average gradient 4.6%) to Harrow-on-the Hill then descend to Sudbury Hill (similar but easier than the Dark Hill/Broomfield descent in Richmond Park), then go onto the Greenford Road down to Isleworth and finally into Richmond.

To enter the park, we will climb Richmond Hill (average gradient 4.2%: steepest part 5.8%), stop briefly at the top then go on to complete a full loop of Richmond Park, anticlockwise. Dark Hill has an overall gradient of 6%, with the steepest part around 8%, which is followed by the Broomfield descent which has a bend (and is usually quite busy with fellow cyclists cycling very fast).

We will have a proper break at Pembroke Lodge. There is an outdoor coffee shop, tables, rest rooms with bike rack but if you want to go into Pembroke Lodge grounds (they are beautiful) NO BICYCLES are allowed. Butler's Pantry in the lodge is set within elegant Georgian rooms and has refreshments by informal self-services (the prices are the same/similar to the kiosk outside). Someone can stay out and watch the bikes but if you may want to bring your bike lock if you plan to go into Pembroke Lodge Grounds/the Butler's Pantry.

If you are feeling unwell, please do not join this ride, find another ride to attend when you are feeling better.

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