Sunday 17th April 2016 10:00am

Starting from - Bull Lane entrance to Liverpool Loop Line. L9 3AG

This ride is limited to members of North End Women's Biking Group group only

  • 14 miles
  • Hybrid (off road tyres), Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 2 hr

Starting point

L9 3AG

Bull Lane entrance to Liverpool Loop Line.

This is provisional, and open to suggestions to suit the group. We can change times, distance all can be adapted, i would just like us to all get together first. Liverpool Loop Line, Starting at Bull Lane Orrell Park, pick up along route Norris Green The loop line is a nice flat straight off road route I don't want to put any one off by miles and speeds if you are new to this it may sound daunting talking about 25-30 mile rides etc. Based on how the group feels as its the first ride thought we could provision for a 14 mile trip. 7 miles up the loop line and 7 back. The route allows for stops, turn around and cut the ride short, it even allows anyone to rest up and we pick you back up on the way back. Until the group meets up and we all get to chat and discuss its hard to set any mark to a ride :) Lets meet and see how we go x


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