Saturday 19th September 2020 10:00am

Starting from - Due to ongoing government guidance, we are limited to 5 riders plus a leader, therefore, we will be splitting the ride into 3 groups, with Chris leading one group, Sue leading one and Bev the other, we will be setting off with a gap between groups.
Due to social distancing advice, should you get a puncture or mechanical issue, we will be unable to assist, we will be able to advise, from the relevant distance, so if required, you will need to organise yourself back to the start or from a point along the route.

The Visitor Centre, at Rother Valley Country Park, we will meet there,
If you want, we meet at the roundabout to nowhere opposite the Elmwood Farm pub, Old Colliery Way at half 9, so can meet there too.
I have a black and white bike, and a pink and grey helmet, come say hi!!!!, S26 5PQ

  • 18 miles
  • Mountain Bike, Hybrid (off road tyres)
  • 4 hr

Starting point

S26 5PQ

From the Visitor Centre, at Rother Valley, we will warm up around the lakes then along the TPT to Hollingworth Lock. Stopping for cake & coffee or tea, or whatever you prefer, before retunrung to Rother Valley to complete the loop of the lakes. The route is mainly flat, with a few small rises up and down, if I can manage it, anyone can. See you there!!!!! If it has been raining, there will be slightly muddy parts, so be prepared.
We can if we chose extend the ride into Chesterfield, if we all want.

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