Friday 13th September 2019 9:30am

Starting from - Bit End Car Park, Whittington, near St Giles Hospice, WS14 9PY

  • 25 miles
  • Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 3 hr

Starting point

WS14 9PY

Departing from Bit End Car Park, we will ride to Harlaston, then down Syerscote Lane towards Wigginton, through Coton Green and down to Dunstall Lane. Heading towards Hopwas we will turn off and ride up the one mile of Hints Hill, then stop at the Strawberry Cabin for a break before heading back to Whittington via the old A5 and Packington.

A long drag up Hints Hill with views, then a welcome break at the strawberry farm.

Country lanes with some busier roads

Refreshments at The Strawberry Cabin, Hints.

Helmets, and cash for coffee and cake

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