Sunday 20th January 2019 11:00am

Starting from - We'll meet outside Duthie Park Café, AB11 7RT. AB11 7RT

  • 9.8 miles
  • Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 4 hr 40 mins

Starting point

AB11 7RT

A chilly jaunt out to Banchory and back. As it’s so cold, we’ll plough through the whole ride and stop for coffee when we get back to Duthie Park, where we can warm our tootsies without the fear of going back out into the cold!

The road is quite busy, but we'll stick together and build your confidence riding the roads in the country.

If at any point it’s icier or busier than thought, we’ll simply turn back.

Make sure you wrap up nice and warm, bring extra layers for stopping if you can and plenty of food/sweets/gems/water.

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