Monday 1st August 2022 6:30pm

Starting from - Tynant Inn Morganstown CF15 8LB, CF15 8LB

This ride is limited to members of Cardiff Social Cycling group only

  • 13.8 miles
  • Mountain Bike, Hybrid (off road tyres), Hybrid (road tyres)
  • 3 hr
Check the weather! Make sure you've brought the right clothing, equipment and provisions so you have an enjoyable experience. Thanks!

Starting point

CF15 8LT

This is a very hilly route and there are steep sections. Very challenging by CSC standards.
Starting from the Tynant Inn, our first test is climbing up the Heol Y Fforest (the road passed castle Coch) 11% turning into Fforest Fawr for our first stretch of gravel before descending to the Taff trail. We will then work our way to Treforest via the Taff trail and quiet roads and some main roads; before crossing the Taff and riding on quiet roads to our next stretch of gravel through Coed Y Gedrys. Coming out onto the ‘Route Des Alpes’ heading towards Pentyrch the road hits 28% for a short distance walking a few hundred meters is an option. Once we navigate through Pentyrch we venture off road where we will need to use our skills to navigate roots, rocks , loose surfaces and some steep sections. We then descend steeply off road down to the Tynant inn.

Route rating

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This is a very hilly route and there are steep sections

some busy roads, some quiet lanes, and some off road sections (80% road 20% off road) Hazards Pot holes, manhole covers, some low grip surfaces, some busy roads, low grip off road sections, gravel, roots, rocks, slippery mud and some muddy puddles.


Equipment/safety equipment. Helmets, Glasses, Gloves, Jacket, spares and inner tube. Fuel up before riding, bring some food and water.

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