Friday 11th June 2021 5:30pm

Starting from - The Coton Rec is situated along the Footpath, easily accessible from Cambridge via the footbridge. Toilets are probably still closed, but The Plough is close by.

Car parking is limited, so if you are driving please let the Leader know, or park at Madingley Park & Ride.

Please can you arrive at 17:20, ten minutes before the starting time, so we can do our bike safety checks and go through the route.

*Please note that we will be setting off at 17:30, not 18:00 as mentioned below - I seem unable to remove that section of text*, CB23 7PX

  • 16.9 miles
  • Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 1 hr 30 mins

Starting point

CB23 7PX

This clockwise route takes us through several villages over (mostly) quiet country lanes.

This ride is aimed at intermediate riders and we aim for a pace of 12-13 mph. This is a non-stop ride, but we will pause if anyone needs a short break. There are some undulating hills, but we will always stop and regroup if needed.

Please make sure your bike is roadworthy, with working gears and brakes. Please ensure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure (see side of the tyre).

Please remember to bring water, a snack, a spare inner tube and a pump, and lights for the ride home.

Due to Covid restrictions, please also pack a face mask and alcohol hand gel. If you or anyone in your household is feeling unwell, please do not join the ride.

Route rating

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Steady ride through the villages, with a few elevations. The average pace will be 12-14 mph. We will meet at 17:50 for an 18:00 start.

This is an on-road route with car traffic present. We will use a shared-use cycle path at the beginning of the ride only.

Please come fed as this will be a non-stop ride so we are back on time before sunset. We will wait if anyone needs a snack.

Please bring your helmet, spare inner tube, water bottle, snack, hand gel and face mask. We probably don't need lights yet, as sunset will be at 20:30, but please bring them if you have some at hand.

We never leave anyone behind

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