Saturday 17th August 2019 1:00pm

Starting from - Evington Park House. The ride starts at the front of the house at the centre of Evington Park, LE5 6EA

  • 11 miles
  • All bike types
  • 3 hr

Starting point


The route covers the events of that fateful evening 100 years ago when Bella Wright, a young Leicestershire woman who worked in the city, encountered a man on a green bicycle. What happened that evening was so significant that the unsolved case still retains its fascination. Bella lost her young life but you can see her ride again in our re-enactment which starts a few miles from Evington Park, at the very place where she was last seen alive on 5 July 1919. Bella rides again!

Bella Wright's last ride. 5 July 1919.

South Leicestershire Lanes

Four stops that tell the story of the Green Bicycle Mystery.

Bring some water and you cycle.

We never leave anyone behind


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