Thursday 16th September 2021 9:30am

Starting from - Lucianos at the Millstone - PR6 9HJ
Google Plus Code - JC6F+7Q Chorley (just enter into Google Maps)
What3Words – mentions.yawned.pounces (just enter into What3Words on your phone)
, PR6 9HJ

This Horwich Ride Social Mixed ride is open for anyone to join

  • 31 miles
  • Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 5 hr
  • Challenging
  • Chorley
  • Adults 16+ only

Starting point


The Tin Man Challenge is just one circuit of the loop used for the 2021 Iron Man cycling course. We’ll do it once (Iron Man contestants do it 3 times with an additional leg of the ride from Pennington Flash). The loop is 31 miles with about 2600 feet of ascent including some steep hills uphill and down. All the route is on roads of variable quality and some with relatively busy traffic. We expect to average 10mph on the ride, obviously faster on the level/downhill and slower uphill.

We start at Luciano’s at the Millstone and cycle into Bolton. We head out of the town centre following the IMUK route through Breightmet, Ainsworth and Hawkshaw to Edgeworth. From Edgeworth we enjoy some downhill to Turton Bottoms before the gradual uphill via Green Arms Road back to Blackburn Road. The descent down Blackburn Road will offer a few minutes of downhill exhilaration, before turning onto Longworth Road to take us across to Belmont. The final work of the day will be the climb from the Black Dog along Rivington Road before the final descent down to Rivington and back to our start point.

Although helmets are only recommended by law and not deemed to be essential, anyone not wearing a helmet will not be able to join the ride. Please be self-sufficient and arm yourself with spare inner tubes, bike levers and pump. Don’t forget your pennies for the café stop. Please ensure you bring along a drink for the ride. Given that the route involves steep ascents and descents, please give brakes and gears a good check before you come as this ride will make good use of both of them.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the starting time for a quick bike check and ride briefing. If you have not completed a ride participant form previously for one of the HRS rides, please request one via email [email protected], Facebook messenger, or through

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