Thursday 30th January 2020 10:00am

Starting from - Road works in Shrivenham will mean reduced free parking in the area of our start point, which is outside the Primary School. Please ride to the start if you can. If coming by car/van, please try and reverse into your parking space!! you will find it much easier and safer for all when its time to get out for your journey home, SN6 8AF

This Shrivenham Social Ride Group ride is open for anyone to join

  • 10.4 miles
  • All bike types
  • 2 hr

Starting point


We will leave via Watchfield and after carefully crossing the A420 head down to cross the brook and then up hill and right towards Fresden. We then take a left to join the Highworth road and make our up Eastrop to the market sqaure where our bikes and legs can take a break while we select from their delicious cakes, We will return home on the normal Shrivenham road

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A steady 10.5 ride out via Watchfield and Fresden to one of our nearest neighbours Highworth. After an the obligatory coffee and cake stop we return via a slightly different route

Country Lanes. But we will need to take care when we cross the A420 on our way out.

We will stop at TT Linnett a cycle friendly cafe in Highworth's Market Square

As well as yourself and a roadworthy bike (see Helmets are optional, although strongly recommended. Water Bottle; don’t forget to fill it with water or your favourite energy drink before the ride Punctures are a pain at any time, but you will be quickly back on the road if you carry a spare inner tube and a pump. There will always be someone on the ride who can whip your old tube out and put the new one in if you can’t do it, If your wheels are held in place by a nut (probably 15mm AF) then also bring a spanner that fits. Bring your mobile phone. Very very rarely you may hit a pothole and damage your bike so that it can’t be ridden home so it’s good to be able to call someone at home to come and recover you (the AA won’t). DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHILST RIDING WITH THE GROUP. Cash or Card. Despite looking for years we have yet to find a café in the area which gives out tea, coffee or cake for free so you will need to pay for these.

New Riders to the group are more than welcome to join us but please be aware of the distance and undulating nature of the ride. You won't get left behind (that's our guarantee) but we want you to enjoy this ride. We will have several rides per month so if this is a bit much then why not join us one on one of the easy rides

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