Saturday 12th June 2021 9:00am

Starting from - We will meet on the grass outside The Oval Cafe. There is plenty of parking on site, using the entrance on Ambrose Lane near the bridge over the Nickey Line; there are usually signs on the pavement. AL5 4BX

  • 18 miles
  • All bike types
  • 3 hr 30 mins

Starting point


This is a standard green ride at a pace of 8-10 mph. We will have plenty of stops to regroup at the top of the hills, and you are welcome to walk them if you prefer, so don't let them put you off! We welcome new riders.

A lovely route to Whitwell via Bendish and back via Ayot St Lawrence

This route has a bit of everything; mostly very quiet lanes with a small bit of traffic free trail thrown in, some short slightly busier stretches of B road and, of course, everyone's favourite, some hills (you know you'd miss them if they weren't there ;-) )

We will stop for coffee at Emily's Tea Shop in Whitwell

Rides are a little different to pre covid. We will be cycling in smaller groups so that we are maintaining appropriate physical distancing. (2m in single file or 1m+ if doubled up) You will need to bring 2 spare inner tubes and any equipment you would need to change them (pump; tyre levers). In order to maintain social distancing we are not able to help out with any mechanical problems at the moment or share equipment so please ensure your bike is in good working order, and that you have a contact number for someone (or taxi) who can pick you up if you have a mechanical problem that you are unable to deal with. We won’t abandon you but our ability to help is limited. Helmets are compulsory on this ride and you also must carry a mask (you do not need to wear it whilst cycling but may need it for the coffee stop or if you require first aid assistance). Please also bring a small bottle of sanitiser for personal use, money/card for coffee and of course water. Apologies for this long list of rules, but it is really important to us to keep both riders and leaders safe and once the logistics are out of the way we can get on and enjoy the ride in the knowledge that we are doing it as safely as we possibly can!

We never leave anyone behind

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