Wednesday 1st June 2022 5:30pm

Starting from - Amble Morrisons Car Park, NE65 0FZ

This FLAB Social Rides - Northumberland ride is open for anyone to join

  • 20.2 miles
  • Mountain Bike, Hybrid (off road tyres), Hybrid (road tyres)
  • 2 hr
Check the weather! Make sure you've brought the right clothing, equipment and provisions so you have an enjoyable experience. Thanks!

Starting point

Tyne and Wear
NE65 0FZ

This is a flat easy ride down the coastal path and along some quiet roads down to Cresswell and back.

Route rating

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Gravel ride down the coastal path.

Combination of gravel paths and country lanes

If we are back in time, anyone fancy a pint at Brewis Tap Room?

Please wear a helment, bring a puncture repair kit/spare inner tube, bring water and snacks.

First-timers welcome!

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