Saturday 4th September 2021 10:00am

Starting from - Julies Café, Stottercliffe Rd, Penistone, Sheffield S36 6EB
Free Parking. What 3 words: dandelions.upwards.eggshell, S36 6BA

This FLAB Social Rides Penistone South Yorkshire ride is open for anyone to join

  • 11.1 miles
  • All bike types
  • 1 hr 40 mins
  • Easygoing
  • Barnsley
  • Children aged 8-15*, Children aged 11-15*, Adults 16+ only, Children aged 5-15*

Starting point

South Yorkshire
S36 6BA

A gentle ride to Dunford and back taking in the Magic Wood Café. Saturday, 4th September 10:00. This ride is good for anyone returning to biking after a while, want to ride off road at a super steady pace, or want to bring the little ones along. Or all of the above! There will be no traffic, apart from a couple of crossings which are quiet and well fenced. Other trail users will be around, plenty of walkers, dog walkers, other cyclists and Horses occasionally. The surface is pretty good and suitable for all bikes and tyres. Do make sure you bring along enough equipment to fix punctures, as these can happen anywhere. It is a gentle climb up to Dunford with no real 'hills' to speak of, then its a lovely roll back down toward Penistone, taking in the Magic Wood Café for coffee, cake, and ice cream. All children must, of course, be accompanied and supervised at all times by a parent/Guardian.

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