Saturday 13th July 2019 8:00am

Starting from - Hove Park cafe.

Hove Park is on the Old Shoreham Road in Hove, and the cafe is tucked just behind the tennis courts. There are public toilets next to the cafe. BN3 7BF

  • 20 miles
  • Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 2 hr

Starting point

East Sussex

If you love hills, or are learning to love them, then this is the ride for you!

You'll need to be confident using your gears, experienced climbing hills on your bike, and competent at descending steep hills safely. You'll also be used to riding closely in a group (you've probably been out on quite a few Breeze rides, or similar, before).

We will leave the cafe in Hove Park to steadily climb up towards Devils Dyke, pausing at the golf club a top the top to catch our breath and admire the views. A quick descent then takes us past Saddlescombe Farm, turning right at the roundabout in Poynings for a short stretch of A281 before taking the cycle path north to Albourne. We complete the loop by turning left in Albourne, then left again down Trusslers Lane for tree lined lanes as far as The Ginger Fox, where we begin the climb back over the Dyke again.

This route is mainly quiet country lanes, with a few short stretches of busier roads.

Please check your bike over before heading out:
- are both tyres fully inflated?
- do both brakes work?
- is the chain clean and lightly oiled?

Bring suitable clothing for the weather, drink, snacks, spare inner tube for your bike (we will have a variety of bikes on the ride and not all inner tubes fit all bikes, plus it's easier to change an inner tube than fix a puncture by the side of the road!), money for the cafe at the end, and a sense of fun and adventure.

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