Wednesday 6th July 2022 6:30pm

Starting from - Meet at the Deri Inn car park, CF14 6SA, CF14 6SA

This ride is limited to members of Cardiff Social Cycling group only

  • 22 miles
  • Mountain Bike
  • 3 hr 40 mins

Starting point

CF14 6SA

This is a hilly route and there are some steep sections
Starting from the Deri Inn, our first test is Rhiwbina Hill (steep in sections with a couple of places where it flattens back out). We'll regroup at the top before carefully descending (covering our brakes at all times please note) Caerphilly Mountain down to the castle. Our next test will be off road section either side of Van Road before crossing Rudry Common. We will then work our way back to the Deri Inn.

Normal ride social rules apply we’ll do are best to look after one another and we won’t leave anyone behind. Attend at your own risk

A very hilly ride up “Rhiwbina Hill”, down Caerphilly Mountain Road and followed by “Van Road” Gravel and Rudry Common Single track. We will ride a medium pace; it will be about 80% road and 20% off road.

Some busy roads, off road gravel and muddy single track.


Equipment/safety equipment. Helmets, Glasses, Gloves, Jacket, spares and inner tube. Fuel up before riding, bring some food and water.

We never leave anyone behind

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