Sunday 19th September 2021 9:00am

Starting from - Heart of Hawick, TD9 0AE

This Hawick Belles Breeze Group ride is open for anyone to join

  • 29.8 miles
  • Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 3 hr

Starting point


Meet at the Heart of Hawick pedalling out to Cogsmill and onto Earlside. Pedal down to Bonchester Bridge turning left and follow the road onto the Swinnie. Continue until you reach the main road. There will be a short spell on the A68 as you turn left towards Jedburgh. Take a left as you arrive and cycle past the Abbey before taking another left up the challenging Dunion. You will be rewarded with a lovely downhill before pedalling onto Denholm. Pedal through Denholm taking a left up Honeyburn towards Cavers mains. Rather than heading back to Hawick as you arrive at the main road, turn left and then right to Ormiston Farm and Lovers Lane.

The ride ends when you reach Amanda's at Crowbyers for refreshments and something to eat.

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