Tuesday 12th February 2019 6:30pm

Starting from - At the cross roads of Stanley Hill Avenue and Highland Road.
There is lots of free parking on local roads. HP7 9BD

  • 8 miles
  • All bike types
  • 50 mins

Starting point


This is a fast paced ride and you will need a reasonable level of fitness as we will be doing lots of hills.

This ride will be about evening hill and bike fitness training. We will be going around residential roads in Amersham which are lit. We will be out for about an hour and it will be like an outdoor spinning session! Lots of hills - ups and downs and some flat roads as well. Lights and reflective clothing and a helmet are essential. We won't be going very far from the start so if you have a puncture or a mechanical problem, we will easily be able to go back to the starting place.

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