Thursday 26th May 2022 9:00am

Starting from - Please meet at Baysgarth in the lower carpark ready to leave for 9am DN18 5DT
Carry everything you need to see you through such as snacks and drinks. You will need to have in place an alternative way to get home if needed. DN18 5DT

  • 69.2 miles
  • Hybrid (road tyres), Road
  • 6 hr
Check the weather! Make sure you've brought the right clothing, equipment and provisions so you have an enjoyable experience. Thanks!

Starting point

DN18 5DT

We leave Barton up Horkstow road and down into the lower villages to Brigg, Scawby, Manton, Cleatham, Scotton, Through laughton woods and onto Gainsborough. After refreshments we make our way home via the Trent, turn towards Scotter and back to Barton via Worleby.

Route rating

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A long but flattish route to Reeds

Mostly quiet roads with a small busy stretch

Stopping at the Reeds cafe

Please wear a helmet, carry cash, pump, means to fix a puncture and or a way to get home if your bike is unfixable.

We never leave anyone behind

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