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Basingstoke and Deane

Established - 30/10/2020

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Movement over Miles. A community cycling group that puts an emphasis on physical activity over the distance covered. Our rides are mainly on cycle paths and no one will be left behind. They are aimed towards people who are struggling to make the first step into regular exercise, for whatever reason, be it injury, age or a lack of motivation. Named ‘Movement over Miles’ because we feel it’s not about how far you go, but how much you move. If you don’t want to wear ‘cycling sportswear’ you don’t have to - whatever makes you comfortable. The purpose of Movement Over Miles is to showcase cycling as an everyday activity that helps you get fit and healthy. We see these rides as a small way to you achieving your weekly goals of physical activity, whilst gaining confidence on two wheels, getting outdoors and talking to others who share the same goal. So, to everyone who is, or knows someone who struggles walking or doesn't enjoy swimming and is need of a little nudge in the right direction, come along and try it once; we promise to make everyone feel part of the group! Just in case we haven't quite sold it enough...! • Cycling is a low-impact form activity that nearly everyone can join in with • Improves sleep • Manages Stress • Improves quality of life • Even small increases in activity can make a difference + Reduces your chance of: • Type II Diabetes by 40% • Cardiovascular disease by 35% • Depression by 30% • Joint and back pain by 25% • Cancers (colon and breast) by 20% It’s win win! | If you have any questions please get in touch | Follow us on Instagram! | Please share us with friends and family who you think the group will suit them

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