Photo for Liverpool City Cycling Club

Established - 18/06/2018

  • Members 27
  • Availability

    Weekends, Evenings

  • Group type Adults (16+)
  • Bike types Hybrid (road tyres), Road

Twitter is @CityCc Email is [email protected] A friendly social group for cyclists who believe cycling should be fun. We aim to be an egalitarian and inclusive group for cyclists who ride for the sheer love of rattling along country lanes with stops for coffee and cake. We aim for rides of between 40 and 100k on the weekend with some shorter rides during the week in Spring and Summer. We are not a "golf club" on wheels. It doesn't matter if you wear ALDI kit and don't own the latest carbon fiber bike. As long as your bike works and is suitable for road riding then we don't care. While we aim to ride at a fair clip and continuously improve our fitness levels we are not competitive and no-one is dropped or left behind. We do not time trial, race, have chain-gangs or ride aggressively.


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