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Established - 09/01/2019

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FLAB Social Rides are established to help members of the FLAB community find people to ride with. FLAB Social Rides are coordinated by members of the FLAB community known as FLAMPIONS/FLAMBASSADORS. These people are purely acting as volunteer co-ordinators to help organise FLAB social rides and are not taking on the role of ride leaders. Their sole responsibility is to help coordinate the route, meeting point and start time for FLAB social rides and to promote and support the rides on social media. FLAB Social Rides are not officially organised, sponsored or insured by FLAB Limited. Although we encourage people to get out and about, improve fitness and take part, these rides are organised on an informal basis and FLAB Limited doesn’t get involved in any assessments of the suitability of any routes chosen or the selection of riders as we would if the ride were an official sponsored ride. The Legal Bit. Riders who are minors (under 16) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising, and ensuring the safety of, minors in their party as well as looking out for their own health and safety and that of other riders throughout the ride. Riders therefore take part at their own risk and are strongly encouraged to ensure they wear suitable personal protection equipment, that their machines are properly serviced and in good condition, and to arrange their own personal insurance arrangements. In particular, riders must make their own assessment of the suitability of the proposed route in light of the ability and fitness level of every person in their party


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Past rides

Title Date and time Location Rating
FLAB Social Ride Sunderland Saturday 6th April 2019 9:00am SR3 1LL 0 stars Full details

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FLAB Social Ride Sunderland Saturday 16th February 2019 8:45am SR6 0DA 0 stars Full details

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FLAB Social Ride Sunderland Sunday 20th January 2019 9:00am SR6 0PL 0 stars Full details

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