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East Riding of Yorkshire

Established - 12/10/2020

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  • Group type Adults (16+)
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Hello and welcome to FLAB social rides Beverley. Thank you for joining this group, I know first hand how it can be difficult to want to be social let alone be involved in some sort of physical activity, nevertheless coming this far is a huge step. Super proud. My focus is off road cycling of which I use an E bike, those that are techy it's a TREK Powerfly 7 2020 in red. I have have had to convert to using an ebike due to a health condition, this in mind I wanted to join and help those who are as passionate about getting fresh air and helping yourself stay healthy both physically and more importantly mentally. The rides I am to be putting forward are the following. Green = Getting used to your bike off road, nothing to serious but amazing views and lovely forests. Green to Blue transition = This will allow your newly honed skills and equipment to be at one and time to push on to some blue routes, taking in some forrest air and some slightly more challenging terrain. Blue = Great route to keep your skills improving at a nice steady pace, you might even think about upgrades if you haven't already. Blue to Red transition = Now we are talking, you've been looking forward to this and now your honed skills are peaking. Locations are Millington area, Dalby Forrest and Sutton Bank. Come out, enjoy and have fun.

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